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Ensure every one of your company processes are followed fully with the CrewSmart procedure-driven actions system.

The actions module is a powerful tool which can be used to manage any number of company procedures.

You can build these to suit your needs within CrewSmart, similar to a Flow Chart but with added functionality.


  • Defect Raised for Vessel Arine
    Raised 11/03/2021 10:16 by John Doe (Master)
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  • Defect Report
    Normal Priority by John Doe (Master)

    I inspected the Port Main Engine today as part of my Daily Checks, There's a slight oil leak from bottom of the oil pump housing.

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  • Complete Defect Checklist
    by John Doe (Master)

    Completed R3 Form
    Explained proficiently the issue to crew
    Read and understood IMS procedure
    Confirmed Part Faulty

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  • Immediate Action Taken
    Added 11/03/2021 10:48 by John Doe (Master)

    I've wiped the leak and placed some spill pads underneath so we can hopefully pinpoint where it's coming from. Suspect it could be a Gasket leaking.

  • Comment Added
    Added 11/03/2021 11:05 by Joe Bloggs (Superintendent)

    Hi John, We've had this before, monitor it for now (Record amount of oil lost) and we will get a gasket sent out ASAP @Greg H  Can you remember the name of this gasket?

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  • Comment Added
    Added 11/03/2021 11:09 by Greg House (Technical Coordinator)

    Hi Joe, It's the oil pump gasket (part no.3852477) Checking the system we have three in the Main Stores @Dave W Can you confirm and get this boxed up for the Arine?

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  • Action
    Completed 11/03/2021 12:21 by Dave Web (Stores)

    Item Packaged and Addressed to Arine

  • Action
    Items Dispatched 11/03/2021 14:26 by Dave Web (Stores)

    Item no.3852477 (Oil Pump Gasket 362) Dispatched to Vessel Arine

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  • Action
    Received 12/03/2021 10:21 by John Doe (Master)

    Item Received

  • Action
    Item Fitted 12/03/2021 14:54 by John Doe (Master)

    Item fitted as per work instruction 156, Thanks for the quick fix on this team.

    • Email Sent To Marine Superintendent
  • Complete
    Defect Closed

    Office Closed - 11/03/2021 15:06
    Crew Closed - 12/03/2021 17:31
"We were apprehensive about using a company based in another time zone, however we were pleasantly surprised. The Support from CrewSmart has been exceptional from the initial onboarding phase to supporting our day-to-day operations."

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