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Add your Workforce

Add your crew with an email, first name & surname and that’s it or even simpler, import them via our easy to use excel import wizard.

  1. Email gets sent
    Your users are sent an email to complete their profile.
  2. Simple Sign Up
    Users generate their own password and complete a simple to use profile
    wizard that can be tailored to your company requirements.
  3. GDPR & Privacy Statement acceptance
    To proceed, all crew must accept:
    • Personal Data - (Name/Correspondence address)
    • Sensitive Data - (Medical information, Next of Kin, Doctors details)
    • 3rd Party - (So you can pass their details onto windfram operators/ports/3rd party suppliers or customers that require their information.)
  4. Basic details
    • Name
    • Basic information
    • Contact details
    • Correspondence address
  5. Medical details
    A series of questions designed to cover all aspects of historical/current health.
    All medical information is stored securely and access given only to user groups defined by your company.
    • Emergency Contact Details
    • Alternative Emergency Contact Details
    • Doctors details
  6. Qualifications
    Crew & technicians are able to upload and manage their own qualifications based on their job role.
  7. Travel information
    Create itineraries with prefilled knowledge of suitable airports/train stations/passport details & driving licenses.
  8. Necessary office staff alerted to completed profile
    Be alerted when their profile is complete and ready for review.
    • Then reject or accept their details if everything is in order.

Simply assign them to your vessel and automatically send them their notice of embarkation.

CrewSmart is designed to reduce office burden where possible putting the onus on the crew to look after and maintiain their own qualifications saving you a lot of time & money.


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