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Planned Maintenance Overview
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Intuitive Planned Maintenance System

Planned Maintenance System (PMS)

The planned maintenance system (PMS) allows vessel owners and operators to manage their PMS framework so that they can effectively plan, perform, and record vessel maintenance. The system can be used with our app that allows planned maintenance to be carried out offline.

The intuitive system makes manging assets easy by:

  • Improving equipment efficiency
  • Cutting costs
  • Preventing breakdowns

Crew Smart’s planned maintenance system has been class approved by DNV.

Users can ensure that vessel maintenance is performed, documented and compliant with class, manufacturer and ISM requirements.

Personnel onboard can perform scheduled tasks, carry out and document unplanned maintenance, raise defect reports, safety events, Incidents, perform and log drills all while having the ability to interact with shore-based personnel throughout the entire process.

PMS Features

CrewSmart's PMS system effortlessly allows users to:

  • Perform Vessel / asset planned & unplanned maintenance
  • Report defects
  • Prioritize unplanned maintenance (critical, non-critical, class requirement etc)
  • Seamlessly communicate from ship to shore
  • Review completed tasks
  • Create class approved auditable data
  • Integrate data with KPI's
  • Plan budgets and estimate costs, using our forecasting tool
  • Create or migrate work instructions
  • Update vessel certification
  • Add photos
  • Record machinery hours


Fully integrated with our offline enabled app

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