Compliance Tracker

Compliance is essential for mitigating legal, reputational and financial risks to your business

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Compliance Tracker

At the very heart of CrewSmart is a sophisticated compliance tool.

Are you compliant?

You need to be confident that:

All qualifications are up to date and valid, even considering contract specific requirements and/or vessel specific requirements
Are all your lifejackets servcies and checked?
Are the vessel certificates in date?
Your vessel has just been swapped out due to a breakdown. Is the new vessel fully compliant?
Ensure all inventory assigned to your vessels or crew are valid/ servcies and in good working order.
Integrated Management System (IMS)
Ensure your crew are fully up to date with your management system and all the latest safety alerts and procedures.

Scary right?

Don't panic, CrewSmart can take all this
worry and concern away.



Compliance Tracker

Precision approach

You can drill into these compliance scores and the system will tell you exactly what is missing. Whether it is a crew members ENG1 has expired or a liferaft has missed its service.

Easily Identifiable

Everything is highlighted so the necessary member of staff can have complete insight and act accordingly to get the issue rectified in a timely manor.

We can even look forward in time to help with planning.

With CrewSmart’s Inventory system time spent deploying PPE for Crew and Technicians has decreased dramatically. Using Near Field Communications (NFC), I can compile a kit bag in about five minutes with all the inspection reports attached. I can also track where our items are and when they are due to expire.

Dave Wareham

Stores & Operations Manager

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