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Need to manage Technicians?

We have developed a bespoke Operations module for handling this

Deploying Technicians to an asset has its own challenges, you need:

  • Training
  • PPE
  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • Inductions

CrewSmart allows you to control all of these factors on a per contract basis. 

Project Detail

Full catalogue of Technicain Qualifications

These are kept independent from Seafarers you may have in the system. You can customise this with any certificates required.

Easily Manage Costs

Setup a Charge and Pay rate for each technician or specific job role and log any additional charges incured.



Looking for a Technician with specifc qualifications?

We offer a finder which will search everyone in the system for a specific qualification or set of qualifications.


CrewSmart’s System is a convenient solution for fleet, crew, vessels and project management. It lets us easily track any issues and makes sure the whole fleet can work efficiently. If we have any questions, the support team always reply quickly and get us sorted. Our company is very glad to use the CrewSmart system and will continue to use it.

Town Chang

Fleet Administrator

Compliance Related Features

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