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Encourage a positive safety culture

The best way to encourage employees to report safety observations is to make it easy for them to do it.

Our safety observation tool can be used on mobiles, tablets and laptops meaning observations can reported quickly and easily.



  • Add multiple steps and change the priority of the Observation depending on the answers given.

  • Escalate the Observation to specific Users

  • Link the Observation to a Vessel, User or Contract

  • Add comments and Photos at any step

See our example below:

Action Flow

  • Observation Raised
    Raised 11/03/2021 10:16 by Joe Bloggs (Superintendent)

  • Observation Report
    Normal Priority by Joe Bloggs (Superintendent)

    I have just been reviewing the drill reports from Arine, great to see these done to such a high standard. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Comment Added
    Added 11/03/2021 10:48 by Geoff Capes (Head of Fleet)

    This is great to hear Joe, I'm going to give the vessel a call today and thank them for their hard work. Can we use these as an Example on our IMS Page?

  • Comment Added
    Added 11/03/2021 11:05 by Joe Bloggs (Superintendent)

    Hi Geoff, That's a great idea, I'll get them added this afternoon.

  • Action
    Contacted Vessel 11/03/2021 12:21 by Geoff Capes (Head of Fleet)

    Vessel contacted

  • Action
    Content Added 11/03/2021 14:26 by Joe Bloggs (Superintendent)

    Drills added to Examples section of IMS

  • Complete
    Observation Closed 11/03/2021 14:26 by Joe Bloggs (Superintendent)


The statistics can also be fed into the KPI's section keeping track of performance automatically. You can set your own targets both Lagging and Leading

With over a 1000 security personnel to manage we needed a solution that was optimised for managing Certification and Travel documents. With CrewSmart we have found that solution, we’ve added over 10,000 documents to the system so far! The team at CrewSmart are always keen to help and nothing is too much trouble for them.

Nick Slain

Operations Personnel Manager

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