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Optimise your stores 

We offer an Inventory module to streamline your equipment logistics.

You can "Check-Out" Items to:

  • Users
  • Vessels
  • Sites
  • Contracts

On checking an item out you can also complete an Internal Inspection checklist, once completed this is added to the item. All this information stays with the Item so at any point the full history can be displayed.


Trouble keeping track?

CrewSmart also has the facility to record when Items are sent for External Services/Inspections 

If you hire out your Equipment CrewSmart can help, put the hire contract information into CrewSmart and it will consolidate an invoice for you.

Speed it up

We have introduced Kit Bags to make deploying personel easier, you can assign multiple items to a Kit Bag. Once they are added you only need to assign the bag and the rest of the items will automatically assign too. 

We have also added Near Field Communication tag compatability to the system. Have an NFC reader on your phone? You can Write and Read Inventory tags with no additional software.

With over a 1000 security personnel to manage we needed a solution that was optimised for managing Certification and Travel documents. With CrewSmart we have found that solution, we’ve added over 10,000 documents to the system so far! The team at CrewSmart are always keen to help and nothing is too much trouble for them.

Nick Slain

Operations Personnel Manager

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