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Your end-to-end fleet management tool for compliant, effective maritime operations.

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CrewSmart 2.0

CrewSmart upgrades Future-Proof Management System to tackle new realities of Maritime Operations

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The most effective way to track your compliance

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Industry Sectors

Adaptable to a multitude of key sectors, with proven track records in each.

CrewSmart gives you complete operational visibility

Optimise your business for efficiency, and demonstrate maximum value to your customers.

Optimised dashboards for compliant, effective maritime operations

Full procedural driven actions for all your incidents, defects, safety observations, HR & more. All driven through comprehensive KPI reporting tools.

Proven track record across the maritime industry

Trusted by operators across all sectors of maritime operations, CrewSmart provides a single, end-to-end point of access for all essential data.

684750 +

Recorded Crew Days

Store all crew activities and requirements, employment details, and timesheets.

173699 +

Recorded Vessel Days

A comprehensive, essential database for all vessel records and monitoring data.

15582 +

Registered Crew

Fully scalable to support expansion of your business' operations.

816 +

Active Vessels

Oversight over vessel and equipment certification, inventory, planned maintenance and safety records

224112 +

Processed Actions

Fully bespoke and intuitive reporting and processes tailored to your business' procedures.

97696 +


Home to all vessel and personnel certifications, with automatic cross-referencing and renewal alerts.

Visual desktop and app-based dashboards that provide up-to-the-minute operations metrics

Empowers your crew manager and fleet operations manager to make dynamic, informed decisions

"We were apprehensive about using a company based in another time zone, however we were pleasantly surprised. The Support from CrewSmart has been exceptional from the initial onboarding phase to supporting our day-to-day operations."

Ben Miller

Operations Manager
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Your data in our trusted hands

Hardened infrastructure environments ensuring reliability and security

Hardened Secure Hosting

Enhanced for highly regulated and security sensitive organizations. Hardening steps have been applied that were derived from the Windows 2016 CIS Benchmark Level 1, Internet Information Server v10 CIS Benchmark Level 1


Auto Scaling group across multiple Availability Zones behind a load balancer utilizing a Redis server for session management.


We have been able to ensure your data is available when needed by maintaining 99.9% uptime. We are well on course to meet 100% availability.

Data Protection & GDPR

Have a GDPR Policy?

Integrate it with CrewSmart and stay compliant

1st Class Dedicated Support

Dedicated account managers work with you in every step of your journey.

Read more about our partnership approach.

Cyber Essentials Certified

CrewSmart is proud to be Cyber Essentials Certified.

Got a question?

We'd love to talk about how we can help you.

How we work

We develop CrewSmart to meet our customer's requirements and emerging business needs.

1st Class dedicated support
Advanced customisation
Powerful expression engine
Seamless 3rd Party integration
Built for the industry, by the industry
Trusted, reliable service

Working with small businesses and large enterprises

We pride ourselves on our adaptable, scalable platform. Whether you manage a single yacht or a commercial fleet, CrewSmart will keep you compliant, efficient, and in the know.

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Trusted by Sector Leaders
Sulmara Subsea
Rhode Island Fast Ferries
Seacat Servcies

Cut costs and confusion with a single platform.

Using a single portal to access all operational data empowers your team to make faster and smarter decisions, streamline operations and improve efficiency.

Bespoke Procedures

Our actions builder guarantees that your procedures are followed correctly and completely every time, making audits stress-free.

Tailored KPIs

CrewSmart integrates your KPIs at all levels, allowing you to tailor reporting, processes, and analytics to meet your requirements.

Live Compliance Tracker

Understand your business' compliance with a single glance at the CrewSmart dashboard, updated daily

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